The Fairytale Begins…

Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a man who scoured the earth for life’s purpose. One starry summer night he fell asleep by the sea and what a strange dream he had. He found a way to help people dream more.

No time to waste, he called a craftsman to make beds, and an old lady to sew pillows. He bought a spinning wheel and yarns, goose down and duck feathers. He gathered wool and lavender, seaweed and horse’s hair and made a bed so nice it made his dream come true.

Sleep on it.

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An exceptional bed for exceptional sleepers

Atlas is suitable for all body types and completely metal free. The unparalleled advantage of Atlas are the two levels of elasticity it offers, one in each side. It perfectly matches with any personal sleep preference enabling you to choose between an elastic or firmer surface. The Atlas mattress includes natural latex, coconut fiber and seaweed gathered from the Greek Mediterranean coasts. The double covers with zippers can be easily removed and washed for optimal hygiene. The quilted mattress cover is made from high quality cotton and pure wool. All double–sized mattresses are made of two single units, joined together inside a washable cotton cover, ensuring uniformity. This innovative idea allows you to choose a different type of elasticity on each side, minimizes movements from one side to the other and makes the mattress easily transportable.

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Pillow / Sophy

COCO-MAT pillows are made and filled by exceptional natural materials such as flakes of natural latex, premium quality down and feather or pure virgin wool with hypoallergic properties.

Discover the ideal pillow that will meet your needs or your child’s, choosing among our selection of 14 unique, customizable pillows.


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