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top-mattress Kamelia

Kamelia is completely metal-free, filled with pure virgin wool which offers softness on the surface,while maintaining optimal comfort and body support. Kamelia offers all of the qualities of wool, allowing you to lay on a naturally hypoallergenic topper, which is both breathable and insulating, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in summer. It has a washable cotton cover with zipper openings for easy maintenance and a longer lifespan. It can be used as a topper over your mattress or as an additional layer on the 4-layer system, over Iviskos or Thalassa.

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All you need to know

What is offered by a top-mattress?

The top-mattress complements the support offered by the mattress, filling the light and curvy parts of the body (legs, arms, neck, back) that the mattress cannot cover. Additionally, it offers great elasticity to your sleep system and contributes to correct blood circulation.

Finally it makes the ideal protection shield of the mattress, increasing its expected lifetime.

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