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Pillow Sithon Kids I


Soft, small-sized pillow, specially designed for children. Filled 100% with wool.


50×30 cm

Filled 100% with wool

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All you need to know

Which are the criteria for the selection of the right pillow?

The pillow is the mattress of the head and the neck. The pillows, like the mattresses, must support the neck and the head in such a way that they do not deviate from their natural (correct) position. For example, when we lay on our back on a mattress the pillow must support the head and the neck in the position that these have when we stand up. In order, this to happen the pillow must have the necessary height to fill the gap that exists between the mattress and the curve of the neck. If the pillow is higher, the head will lean forward, resulting in the stretching of the seventh cervical vertebra and gradually generate ache in the area. Prevailing importance in the selection of the pillow has our body type, for example, a big male body needs a higher pillow than a smalll woman body or a child. This is the reason that we offer a large variety of pillows not only in the materials used but also on their height. Of course, the mattress plays an important role in the support of the neck. For example, in a hard and rigid mattress, we need a bigger pillow than in an elastic mattress.

How can I adjust and maintain my pillow?

Pillows are made of: natural rubber (latex) flakes, feathers, a combination of the aforementioned and wool.
Pillows with natural latex have a zipper in order to regulate the quantity of material and are not washable. Pillows with feathers are ideal for smaller body types and are washable in the washing machine at 30°C (86 ºF). After washing they must dry thoroughly in a shady place.

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