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Βed-mattress Eas

Eas is a metal-free, high-quality bed-mattress for those who prefer a more stable sleep. Being slightly firm, it offers excellent comfort and isometric support for all body types and weights. Eas owes its superior performance to a unique combination of natural materials, placed in layers on top of a pioneering ergonomic base, offering a “weightless” sensation. Coconut fiber is paired with a layer of horsehair, rendering Eas ideal for high humidity environments. The zipper opening allows easy maintenance and longer lifespan. The 100% high-quality organic cotton cover is padded with pure wool and protects mattresses from frictions.

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All you need to know

Which is the advantage of a bed-mattress?

The bed-mattress is made of a bed (simple wooden base) and a mattress, all in one. However there is a basic difference between a bed-mattress and a simple bed with an inner mattress: the ergonomic base. The ergonomic base is placed on the lowest part of the base, below of all the materials of the inner mattress and makes our innovation.

The ergonomic base is made of beech wood slats and parts of concrete natural rubber. The beech wood slats have a width of 6 cm, height of 1cm and length according to the width of the bed. They are supported on 4 cloth pocket-belts which run the length of the bed and they contain stripes of natural rubber. The ergonomic base is placed inside the base of the bed-mattress and multiplies the elasticity of the materials, making the bed bottomless. In that way, it does not allow any human body of any weight to reach the base of the bed.

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